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NLP FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) postings for

A compendium of answers to frequently asked questions about Natural Language Processing and related topics. Posted monthly to the newsgroup.
Copying: Copyright (c) 1994 Dragomir R. Radev CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Dragomir R. Radev Natural Language Processing Group Columbia University CS Department Tel: (212) 939-7121 (office) Tel: (212) 939-7108 (lab) Keywords: Authors!Radev, FAQ!NLP, Frequently Asked Questions, NLP!FAQ Contains: expert_1.faq Expert System Shells FAQ aifellow.txt List of AAAI Fellows ai_6.faq Part 6 -- FTP Resources ai_5.faq Part 5 -- FTP Archives and Resources ai_4.faq Part 4 -- AI Bibliography ai_3.faq Part 3 -- AI Associations and Journals ai_2.faq Part 2 -- AI Newsgroups and Mailing Lists ai_1.faq Part 1 -- General Questions CHANGE.LOG Log of changes to the AI FAQ References: ?
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