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Susanne: Annotated American English Corpus

This directory contains a copy of the SUSANNE Corpus (Surface and Underlying Structural Analysis of Naturalistic English). This corpus is an annotated sample comprising about 130,000 words of written American English text. The corpus is intended to exemplify a set of annotation standards which attempt to specify an explicit notation for all aspects of the surface and logical grammar of real-life English in sufficient detail that analysts independently applying the standards to the same text must produce identical annotations. The texts of the SUSANNE Corpus are a subset of the texts included in the (unannotated) Brown University Corpus.

Version: 3.0 (11-MAY-94) CD-ROM: Author(s): Geoffrey Sampson School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences University of Sussex Keywords: American English Corpus, Authors!Sampson, Corpora, Dictionaries, English Corpus, Natural Language Processing, Susanne Corpus References: Geoffrey Sampson, "English for the Computer", Oxford University Press, 1994.
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