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Genetic Programming Software Packages


   abs/       GPX/Abstractica: A Karl Sims Genetic Art 
   cerebrum/  CEREBRUM: Framework for the Genetic Programming 
              of Neural Networks
   doodle/    Doodle Garden: Screen saver based on Genetic 
   evoplane/  EvolvePlanes: Evolving 3d Models of Jet Aircraft
   geppetto/  Geppetto: C Library for Writing Genetic 
              Programming Applications
   gp_pl/     Genetic Programming in Prolog
   gpcpp/     GPC++: Genetic Programming in C++
   gpeist/    GPEIST: GP System in Smalltalk
   gpgraphs/  GP-Graphs: Script for graphing the info in 
              geppetto log files.
   gpquick/   GPQUICK: Simple GP system implemented in C++
   gpsteps/   GPSTEPS: Genetic Programming SmallTalk Easy 
              Prototyping System
   imogenes/  Imogenes: GP System
   koza/      KOZA: Genetic Programming Paradigm
   litlflet/  LITLFLET: Genetic Programming Program
   sgpc/      SGPC: Simple Genetic Programming in C


   FTP repositories for genetic programming include []
This directory contains genetic programming software packages.
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