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SAN Kit: Implemented Standards for Chess Move Notation

The SAN Kit is a freeware ANSI C source programming toolkit for chess software authors and researchers. It consists of some twelve thousand lines of portable code that includes everything needed to write a chess-playing program except a search function and an evaluation function. A set of public, portable standards for move notation (SAN), position notation (FEN), and game notation are described and implemented. Example applications include chess-playing programs, chess opening book repository software, chess game database software, and automated distributed computer chess competition.
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   as the file SAN.tar.Z

Version: 17-MAY-94 Requires: ANSI C CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: Author(s): Steven J. Edwards Keywords: Chess Move Standards, Chess Notation, Game Playing!Chess, SAN Kit, Search References: ?
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