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Fuzzy Logic Packages


   anfis/     ANFIS: Adaptive-Network-based Fuzzy Inference 
   artmap/    Fuzzy ARTMAP
   class/     Liliane Peters' Fuzzy Class
   cncl/      CNCL: C++ Classes for Fuzzy Logic
   demoshel/  DemoShell: Demo version of TILShell+
   f_arith/   Fuzzy Arithmetic Library
   fcmdemo3/  FCM Demo: Demo version of Fuzzy Control Manager
   fide/      FIDE Demo: Fuzzy Inference Development 
   fismat/    FISMAT: Fuzzy Inference Systems toolbox for 
   flie/      FLIE, C-FLIE and FUN: Fuzzy Logic Inference 
   flipc/     FLIPC Demo: Fuzzy Logic Inverted Pendulum Control 
   funegen/   FuNeGen: Fuzzy neural system
   fuzzdemo/  FuzzDemo: MATLAB demo of parameterizing 
              membership functions and learning in fuzzy 
              inference systems.
   fuzzyfan/  Fuzzy Fan Controller
   fuzzytec/  fuzzyTECH: Demo of a Fuzzy Shell
   gaf/       GAF: Adaptive fuzzy logic using Genetic 
   ifr/       IFR_Fuzzy: Fuzzy control toolbox for MATLAB.
   infer3/    INFER: General Purpose Fuzzy Inference Library
   nefcon/    NEFCON: InterViews-based graphical simulation 
              environment for Neural Fuzzy Controllers
   orr/       Doug Orr's Fuzzy C++ Classes
   pendemo/   Simulation of a Fuzzy Inverted Pendulum 
   pws/       Demo version of "Fuzzy Systems Toolbox for Use 
              with MATLAB"
   rice/      RICE: Fuzzy/MV-logic C/C++ inference engine
   til2msg/   TIL2MSG: Converts Fuzzy-C Compiler or TILGen 
   tracker/   Target tracking by a fuzzy expert system
   xfuzzy/    XFUZZY: A Simulation Environment for Fuzzy Logic 
              Control Systems


   FTP repositories for fuzzy logic include []
This directory contains fuzzy logic software packages and demo systems.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Fuzzy Logic
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