99-353 SolidWorks and Laser Cutting: Fall 2016

Dates/Times: October 15, 16, 22, and 23 from 3:00 PM to 5:50 PM

Location: Hunt Library computer cluster (basement)

Piazza Page and Autolab Page

Instructor: Dave Touretzky, dst@cs

TAs: Chelsea Chen (weiqiaoc@andrew) and Penelope Ackerman (packerma@andrew).


Date Topics Assignment
Saturday, October 15

Featured material: wood


SolidWorks part 1: designing parts. Features, sketches, dimensions, relations.

Install Inkscape

Laser cutter intro. Drawings and DXF files.

Sign up for fire extinguisher training.

Cut and assemble a personalized keychain.

Sunday, October 16

Featured material: acrylic

SolidWorks part 2: construction geometry, symmetry, configurations, assemblies, mates.

Working with acrylic.

Making gears and designing mechanisms.

Two-speed manual transmission model.
Saturday, October 22

Featured material: paper

Kerf and joinery

SolidWorks part 3: splines, trim tool, hole wizard..

McMaster-Carr shopping.

Reference: Laser-cut enclosure design.

Importing images for cutting or engraving.

Stegosaurus image and Pepsi logo

Help with assembly of Pocket Transmission.

Pinwheel for Pocket Transmission.
Sunday, October 23

Featured material: cardboard

SolidWorks part 4: equations; making 3D shapes.

3D models: laser-cut sculptures. Thingiverse and Pinterest. Pepakura for papercraft.

In-class design project.

Visit the Morewood maker space.

Design a puzzle (from an imported image) or cardboard structure. Hand in SolidWorks files and a screen capture. Post a picture of your assembled project to Piazza. Due Sunday Oct. 30.

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