Course Information

  • Gary Miller (Office Hours: Tuesday 1-2PM , Thursday 2-3PM)
  • David Witmer (Office Hours: Wednesday 3-4PM, Friday 10:30AM-12PM, GHC 7001)
Place/Time: GHC 4215, MWF 12:00 - 1:20pm.
Teaching Assistants: Course Secretary: Nancy Conway, GHC 7129
Official Course Blog:
Announcing the Official Course Blog! Future announcements, homework hints and clarifications, etc. will be posted on piazza.

We will be using Piazza for discussions.


  • The final exam is on Tuesday, May 9 from 1:00pm-4:00pm in GHC 4307. The final will be open book/open notes, but no computers or phones are permitted. It will focus on material from lecture 19 on, but we will assume familiarity with ideas and techniques from the first half of the course.
  • Problems for the final review session are posted here.
  • Homework 5 is out homework-5. It is due on May 5.
  • Homework four is out homework-4. It is due on April 28rd
  • Homework three is out homework-3. It is due on April 3rd
  • The midterm will be on Wednesday, March 22. It will cover material through Lecture 18. The exam will be open book/open notes, but no computers or phones are permitted. We have posted practice problems here. We will go over these problems during the review on Monday, March 20 in class.
  • Homework two is out homework-2. It is due on March 6th
  • Homework one is out homework-1. It is due on February 15th
  • The sign up sheet for scribing lectures is posted here. Example notes from Lecture 1 are posted here, along with LaTeX source to be used as a template.
  • Homework zero is out homework0. It is due on January 30th
  • Welcome to 15-750 Graduate Algorithms. Please take a minute to review the course policies.