15-745 Optimizing Compilers for Modern Architectures, Spring 2016


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15-745 is a graduate course in optimizing compilers for modern architectures. The learning objectives are:

Please note: This course is open to CS and ECE graduate students. Other students may be admitted by the permission of the instructor; please attend the first few classes to see if you're interested. The instructor may put an upper bound on the total number of students in order to ensure good in-class discussion and sufficient "face-time" for project meetings.

This course is not intended to be your first compilers course: it is geared toward students who have already had such a course as undergraduates. If you have not taken a compilers course already, it is still possible to take this course provided that you are willing to spend some additional time catching up on your own. It will also be helpful if you have some familiarity with the features of modern processor architectures (e.g., the memory hierarchy, pipelining, branch prediction, and instruction issue mechanisms). If you feel uncertain about whether you are adequately prepared to take this class, please discuss with the instructor.

We will be using Piazza for class discussion. Rather than emailing questions to Phil and/or the TA, please post your questions on Piazza at 15-745 Piazza.

Course Staff


NameEmailOfficeOffice Hours
Phil Gibbons GHC 7221 Mondays 3-4

Teaching Assistant

NameEmailOfficeOffice Hours
Dominic Chen CIC 2312 Tuesdays 2-3

Course Secretary

Angela Luck GHC 6006

Course Policies


Homeworks are done in groups of two, with a single writeup turned in per group. For the projects, we prefer that you work in groups of two, although groups of three may be permitted depending on the scale of the project (ask the instructor for permission before forming a group of three).

Late Policy

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