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15-740 Spring '18
In-Class Discussions


Here is some advice on how to lead a discussion.

Slides from the in-class presentations:

Once you have chosen a topic that looks interesting,

Look over the papers in recent conferences to find the most relevant papers to read.

View these papers as a suggestion or starting point. You are free and encouraged to select the papers that will be most relevant to your project, and to select entirely new topics not listed below. ISCA 2017. MICRO 2017. ASPLOS 2017. HPCA 2017.

List of papers


Neural Accelerators

Spatial Architectures

Reconfigurable Architectures

Processing in Memory/Near-data Processing


DRAM and other Memory Technologies

Emerging Technologies

Quantum Computing

Architectures and Performance Modeling

Parallel Programming Models and Languages


Exploiting Heterogeneous Architectures

Architectural Support for Security

Warehouse-Scale Computing

Adaptive Cache Replacement

Caches and Memory Hierarchies

Memory Ordering

Energy-harvesting Computers and Intermittent Execution

Virtual Memory

I found fewer papers on the following topics from recent conferences. If you are interested in them, please take especially careful effort to find *recent* papers.

Scheduling for Parallelism

Finding and Fixing Software Bugs

Optimizing Power and Energy

Transactional Memory

Support for Debugging

Cache Coherence

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