Texture Reference Management
[CUDA Driver API]


 Texture Reference Management [DEPRECATED]


CUresult cuTexRefGetAddress (CUdeviceptr *pdptr, CUtexref hTexRef)
 Gets the address associated with a texture reference.
CUresult cuTexRefGetAddressMode (CUaddress_mode *pam, CUtexref hTexRef, int dim)
 Gets the addressing mode used by a texture reference.
CUresult cuTexRefGetArray (CUarray *phArray, CUtexref hTexRef)
 Gets the array bound to a texture reference.
CUresult cuTexRefGetFilterMode (CUfilter_mode *pfm, CUtexref hTexRef)
 Gets the filter-mode used by a texture reference.
CUresult cuTexRefGetFlags (unsigned int *pFlags, CUtexref hTexRef)
 Gets the flags used by a texture reference.
CUresult cuTexRefGetFormat (CUarray_format *pFormat, int *pNumChannels, CUtexref hTexRef)
 Gets the format used by a texture reference.
CUresult cuTexRefSetAddress (size_t *ByteOffset, CUtexref hTexRef, CUdeviceptr dptr, size_t bytes)
 Binds an address as a texture reference.
CUresult cuTexRefSetAddress2D (CUtexref hTexRef, const CUDA_ARRAY_DESCRIPTOR *desc, CUdeviceptr dptr, size_t Pitch)
 Binds an address as a 2D texture reference.
CUresult cuTexRefSetAddressMode (CUtexref hTexRef, int dim, CUaddress_mode am)
 Sets the addressing mode for a texture reference.
CUresult cuTexRefSetArray (CUtexref hTexRef, CUarray hArray, unsigned int Flags)
 Binds an array as a texture reference.
CUresult cuTexRefSetFilterMode (CUtexref hTexRef, CUfilter_mode fm)
 Sets the filtering mode for a texture reference.
CUresult cuTexRefSetFlags (CUtexref hTexRef, unsigned int Flags)
 Sets the flags for a texture reference.
CUresult cuTexRefSetFormat (CUtexref hTexRef, CUarray_format fmt, int NumPackedComponents)
 Sets the format for a texture reference.

Detailed Description

This section describes the texture reference management functions of the low-level CUDA driver application programming interface.

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