Execution Control
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 Execution Control [DEPRECATED]


CUresult cuFuncGetAttribute (int *pi, CUfunction_attribute attrib, CUfunction hfunc)
 Returns information about a function.
CUresult cuFuncSetBlockShape (CUfunction hfunc, int x, int y, int z)
 Sets the block-dimensions for the function.
CUresult cuFuncSetCacheConfig (CUfunction hfunc, CUfunc_cache config)
 Sets the preferred cache configuration for a device function.
CUresult cuFuncSetSharedSize (CUfunction hfunc, unsigned int bytes)
 Sets the dynamic shared-memory size for the function.
CUresult cuLaunch (CUfunction f)
 Launches a CUDA function.
CUresult cuLaunchGrid (CUfunction f, int grid_width, int grid_height)
 Launches a CUDA function.
CUresult cuLaunchGridAsync (CUfunction f, int grid_width, int grid_height, CUstream hStream)
 Launches a CUDA function.
CUresult cuParamSetf (CUfunction hfunc, int offset, float value)
 Adds a floating-point parameter to the function's argument list.
CUresult cuParamSeti (CUfunction hfunc, int offset, unsigned int value)
 Adds an integer parameter to the function's argument list.
CUresult cuParamSetSize (CUfunction hfunc, unsigned int numbytes)
 Sets the parameter size for the function.
CUresult cuParamSetv (CUfunction hfunc, int offset, void *ptr, unsigned int numbytes)
 Adds arbitrary data to the function's argument list.

Detailed Description

This section describes the execution control functions of the low-level CUDA driver application programming interface.

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