Device Management
[CUDA Driver API]


CUresult cuDeviceComputeCapability (int *major, int *minor, CUdevice dev)
 Returns the compute capability of the device.
CUresult cuDeviceGet (CUdevice *device, int ordinal)
 Returns a handle to a compute device.
CUresult cuDeviceGetAttribute (int *pi, CUdevice_attribute attrib, CUdevice dev)
 Returns information about the device.
CUresult cuDeviceGetCount (int *count)
 Returns the number of compute-capable devices.
CUresult cuDeviceGetName (char *name, int len, CUdevice dev)
 Returns an identifer string for the device.
CUresult cuDeviceGetProperties (CUdevprop *prop, CUdevice dev)
 Returns properties for a selected device.
CUresult cuDeviceTotalMem (size_t *bytes, CUdevice dev)
 Returns the total amount of memory on the device.

Detailed Description

This section describes the device management functions of the low-level CUDA driver application programming interface.

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