15-494 Cognitive Robotics

Spring 2010 Final Projects

Mirage world builder by Daniel LaGrotta and Robert Lee
Denavit-Hartenberg Wizard 2 by Nicholas Buroojy and Owen Greeley
Four more to come!

Spring 2009 Final Projects

Depth from Stereo Disparity, by Ian Lenz, Chandrasekhar Bhagavatula, and David Klionsky
IR Rangefinder, by Jin Su Kim and Charles Ruhland
Will It Roll?, by Francois Chu
Face Tracker, by Ilya Matiach
Chiara Scythe, by Richard Ha
Shepherd 2, by Daegon Won and Siyuan Feng
Denavit-Hartenberg Wizard, by Leland Thorpe

Spring 2008 Final Projects

Tentacle Path Planning, by Jonathan Coens
Sheep Herding, by Christopher Solidum
Card Sorting Using SIFT, by Danielle Millett

Spring 2007 Final Projects

Vegas Vaibo blackjack dealer, by Leigh Ann Sudol, Dylan Hower, and Je Woong Heo.
Bone hunt, by Daniel Munoz and Siva Srinivasan.
Cooperative box push, by Felix Duvallet and Nicholas Heckman.
Telepathy (inter-robot communicaton), by Brett Simmers and Lisa Storey.
Binary tree walk, by Elizabeth Lingg and Zhengheng Gho
Lynx arm kinematics, by Nathaniel Filardo, Tim Murray, and Michael Sanphy

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