Wean 5336

The official programming environment for 15-462 is a computer cluster located in Wean Hall 5336. Access to this cluster is restricted to students who are currently enrolled in a graphics-related course; please contact the course staff ASAP if swiping your Carnegie Mellon ID+ card does not allow you to enter the room.

Before visiting the cluster, you will need to properly configure your Andrew account. To do this, SSH to one of the pool of machines, and execute the following setup script from the shell:


Once your Andrew account has been configured, you should be able to log in to any of the Wean 5336 cluster machines. Your username will be <Your Andrew ID>@ANDREW.CMU.EDU, and your password will be your normal Andrew password (please note that the "@ANDREW.CMU.EDU" is required and must be uppercase).

Once you have confirmed your ability to log in to a Wean 5336 cluster machine, please create a private, read-protected folder for your assignment work using the following commands:

mkdir private
fs sa private system:anyuser none
fs sa private system:campusnet none

For your convenience, the Wean 5336 cluster machines are also accessible via SSH; their hostnames are weh5336-? (where '?' is a letter 'a' to 'y').

Using Your Own Machine

Because the Wean 5336 cluster machines are a limited resource shared by students in all graphics courses (and for your own convenience), you are encouraged to use your own machine to complete the programming assignments when possible. The provided starter code is supported by the following freely-available tools:

Windows: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition; a Visual Studio solution file and all necessary libraries are included with the starter code.
Mac OS X: Xcode 3.1.2; a command-line Makefile is included, you must have the command-line developer tools and X11 installed.
GNU/Linux and BSD: Most GNU/Linux distributions and BSD variants can provide the necessary tools; details vary from distribution to distribution.

While other operating systems and compilers will most likely work, at least one of the TAs should be able to assist you with problems building on any of the platforms above. However:

Regardless of the platform on which you develop your code, your project will be graded based on its performance and functionality in the Wean 5336 cluster. To avoid last-minute surprises (and crowds!), please ensure your code compiles and runs correctly in Wean 5336 well before the deadline!

Last updated: May 16, 2009