15-418/15-618: Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming, Spring 2021: Academic Integrity Policy

The following is taken directly from the course syllabus. Students are also encouraged to review the University Policy on Academic Integrity

Students in 15-418/618 are absolutely encouraged to talk to each other, to the TAs, to the instructors, or to anyone else about course assignments. Any assistance, though, must be limited to discussion of the problems and sketching general approaches to a solution. Each programming project team must write its own code and produce its own writeup. Consulting another student's or team's solution (past or present) is prohibited on assignments.

You are encouraged to make use of the extensive material online, including documentation from companies, online forums such as Stackoverflow, and course material from other universities. However, you may not make use of any material specific to our assignments, such as old assignment solutions on Github. If you are uncertain about whether you can use some resource, post a question on Piazza, with a link to the material you would like to use.

You may not supply code, assignment writeups, or exams you complete during 15-418/618 to other students in future instances of this course. You may not make these items available (e.g., on the web) for use in future instances of this course (just as you may not use work completed by students who have taken the course previously). We encourage you to use public source control hosts, such as Github, for your assignments; however please be sure to make your programming assignment repositories private and to keep them private even when you have completed the course.

Students who are caught plagiarizing or cheating will be given a university-level Academic Integrity Violation (AIV). The penalty for an AIV will range from getting a -100% score for the particular assignment to failing the class.

Students who provide resources to students in future instances of the course can be subject to a retroactive AIV violation in this course. This can lead to a change in grade and even a revocation of your diploma.