15-213/14-513/15-513 Intro to Computer Systems: Labs

The labs are the heart of this course. Much of what you learn in this course will be through completing these labs.

All labs are handed out and in using Autolab.

The lateness policy for labs is as follows:

  • All labs are due at 11:59 pm ET / 8:59 pm PT on the due date shown. Some labs are due on a Tuesday and others are due on a Thursday—pay attention to which is which.
  • You can submit labs at most 3 days late, except for L0, which may not be turned in late at all.
  • Each student has 5 grace days for the term which are automatically applied to late assignments. Use them wisely.
  • For each assignment, there is a limit on the number of grace days that can be applied, as is indicated in the table below.
  • If you go past the limit, or if you use up all your grace days, then a lateness penalty of 15% per day will be applied.
  • For example, if you turn in data lab three days late, you will use up one grace day and then be assessed a two-day (30%) lateness penalty.
  • You cannot decline to use grace days.
  • If you need more time to complete an assignment than this policy allows, you may use this form to request an extension. Do not email faculty to request extensions.


Lab Name Weight Grace
Out Due Code Review
Signup Due

L0 C Programming 2% 0 Tue Jan 17 Tue Jan 24 handout, writeup
L1 Data 7% 1 Thu Jan 19 Thu Feb  2 handout, writeup
L2 Bomb 6% 1 Thu Jan 26 Thu Feb  9 handout, writeup
L3 Attack 4% 1 Thu Feb  9 Thu Feb 16 handout, writeup
L4 Cache 5% 2 Thu Feb 16 Thu Mar  2 Mon Mar  6 handout, writeup
L5a Malloc (checkpoint) 4% 2 Thu Mar  2 Tue Mar 21 Fri Mar 24 handout, writeup
L5b Malloc (final) 7% 2 Tue Mar 28 Fri Mar 31
L6 Shell 7% 2 Tue Mar 28 Tue Apr 11 Fri Apr 14 handout, writeup
L7a Proxy (checkpoint) 2% 1 Tue Apr 11 Fri Apr 21 handout, writeup
L7b Proxy (final) 6% 1 Thu Apr 27
Total 50%