15-213 Intro to Computer Systems: Frequently Asked Questions (513 Edition)

    General Course Issues

  • Where are the videos?

    • A link to each video will be added to the schedule page after that lecture.

  • Why is 15-513 both 6 and 12 units?

    • 15-513 ensures that graduate students are current with their knowledge of C and computing systems.
    • Depending on a student's background this material may be entirely new, entirely review, or somewhere in between.
    • If this material is generally review, then the course will require roughly 6 units of work.
    • If this material is mostly new to you, then completing the course will require closer to 12 units of work.

  • If I sign up for 12 units will that require more work than 6 units?

    • No, whether you sign up for 6 or 12 units, you will have to fulfil exactly the same requirements.

  • But what is a unit?

    • A unit corresponds to approximately 1 hour of work per week for a course.

  • Must I attend a particular recitation? (213 Edition)

    • You are asked to attend your specific recitation. 15-513 students do not have an assigned recitation.
    • You may attend any recitation you wish as long as there is room and the instructor leading the recitation allows it.