15-213/15-513 Introduction to Computer Systems: Assignments

There will be weekly written assignments, starting in the second week of classes. Each written assignment consists of 1-3 questions that require students to write single paragraph answers. They are released and collected via Canvas.

Written assignments are always due at 11:59pm (Pittsburgh time). No late submissions are accepted. Canvas will generally accept only one submission.

Written assignments are graded by your peers: three other students will read what you wrote and provide short, constructive feedback and a score (1-10).

Each assignment is worth 15 points, total. You receive the maximum of your peers’ scores, plus five points for completing the peer reviews you are assigned.

There will be 12 written assignments in all, and we will drop your two lowest scores. The 10 remaining are each worth 2% of your course grade.


Written Topic Out Due Peer Review

W1 Bits, Bytes, Integers May 18 May 24 May 30
W2 Machine Programming (Basics, Control) May 25 May 30 Jun 05
W3 Machine Programming (Procedures, Data, Advanced) May 31 Jun 05 Jun 12
W4 Memory Hierarchy, Cache Memories Jun 06 Jun 12 Jun 16
W5 Design and Debugging Jun 12 Jun 16 Jun 22
W6 Dynamic Memory Allocation Jun 16 Jun 22 Jul 07
(June 6/26-6/30: Summer Break)
W7 Code Optimization and Linking Jun 23 Jul 07 Jul 13
W8 Virtual Memory Jul 07 Jul 13 Jul 20
W9 Exceptional Control Flow Jul 14 Jul 20 Jul 26
W10 System Level I/O, Network Programming Jul 12 Jul 26 Aug 02
W11 Network Programming, Concurrent Programming Jul 27 Aug 02 Aug 07
W12 Synchronization, Parallelism Aug 01 Aug 07 Aug 09

We will provide you with a model solution and a grading rubric after an assignment is due, to guide you in your peer reviews. This two-part (writing and evaluating) sequence has been shown to improve student learning. As your peers are grading these anonymously, you are not required to include your name either in your submission or feedback. If you disagree with the feedback from your peers, you can make a private post on Piazza within 7 days, as per any other regrades in the course.

If the feedback you received is offensive or otherwise not in support of a welcoming and inclusive climate, please email your Professor.