15-213 Intro to Computer Systems: Assignments

The assignments are the heart of this course. Much of what you learn in this course will be through completing these assignments.

  • All labs are due 11:59pm on the shown due date.
  • The late penalty is 15% per day.
  • Each student has 5 grace days for L1-L6. Use them wisely.
  • There are NO grace days for L7
  • You can use at most 2 grace days for any one assignment, and only 1 for datalab.
  • You can submit assignments at most 3 days late.
  • All assignments are handed out and handed in using Autolab.
  • If you do not have access to autolab, fill out this form


Lab  Out Weight (%) Name Due

L1 Wed May 18 7 Data Lab Thur May 26
L2 Fri May 27 7 Bomb Lab Mon June 6
L3 Tues June 7 4 Attack Lab Mon June 13
L4 Tues June 14 4 Cache Lab Mon June 20
L5 Tues June 21 8 Shell Lab Tues July 5
L6 Wed July 6 12 Malloc Lab Fri July 22
L7 Sat July 23 8 Proxy Lab Thur Aug 4
Total 50%