CS 213 Fall, 2002: Exam Info

The final exam is Tue, Dec 17, 8:30-11:30am (ouch!), Porter Hall 100.

Q. Will there be an exam review?
A. Yes, the exam review is Sun, Dec 15, 7:30-9pm, WeH 7500.

Q. What will be covered on the exam?
A. The exam is comprehensive. Expect questions on topics such as cache miss rate analysis, array indexing, concurrency, dynamic memory allocation, recursion, casting and pointer dereferencing, arrays, structs, unions, data representation, system level I/O, and process control and signals.

The following topics will not be covered: code optimization (Ch 5), linking (Ch 7), measuring program performance (Ch 9), VM and address translation (Ch 10.1-10.8), garbage collection (Ch 10.10), and the sockets interface (Ch 12).

Q. Can I get copies of last year's exam?
A. Yes, last year's exam (with solutions) will be on the table outside of WeH 4218 after 5pm, Friday Dec 6.

Q. Is the exam open notes/open book?
A. Yes.

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