CS 213 Lectures, Fall '01

Files identified as "ps" are postscript.

Files identified as "ps4up" are 4-up postscript files like we hand out in class. Some versions of gv don't know how to display these files, but they print OK if you send them to the printer from gv. They also display OK from gs.

Files identified as ``pdf'' are in Adobe Acrobat format. This format has the advantage over postscript of being viewable on a variety of platforms, including (most) Unix machines, PC's, and Mac's. On Unix machines, you can read these files with the Ghostview program gv. You can also view and print these files using the publicly available Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can also download free copies of the reader from Adobe Systems.

Files identified as ``ppt'' are in Microsoft Powerpoint format. These were prepared using Office 97 on a Windows-based PC.