CS 213 Documents, Fall '00

Primary handouts

Concurrent echo servers from Class 29

Tiny server source code (Class 27)

Tiny is a minimal Web server in C that serves both static and dynamic content (via CGI programs).

Network code from Class 24

Threaded code examples from Classes 22 and 23

Supplementary Info on Dynamic Memory Allocation (Classes 20 and 21)

Supplementary Info on Linking (Class 16)

Supplementary Information about Processor Design (Class 11)

Supplementary information on buffer overflows (Class 07)

IA32 and Pentium III documentation

For this course, we will be using the Gnu GCC compiler to generate code targeted to machines running Intel IA32 (popularly known as ``x86'') programs under Linux. GCC uses an assembler format known as ``GAS'' (for Gnu ASsembler). The documentation on this particular combination of machine and assembler format is a bit spotty. Here are some useful resources:

Linux documentation

Other documents of interest

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