Abacus Dynamic function placement for data-intensive cluster computing
Active Disks Remote execution for network-attached storage
Active Storage Networks Active network support for network-attached storage
Aura Distraction-free ubiquitous computing
Ballista Automated software robustness testing
CHIPS Highly integrated information processing and storage systems
CM-MA Secure, continuous biometric-enhanced authentication
Coda Nomadic, failure-resilient data access
Darwin Resource Management for Application-Aware Networks
DIXtrac Automated disk drive characterization
DV Interactive visualization of remote datasets
Enyac Energy-aware computing
Freeblock scheduling Extracting free bandwidth from busy disks
Impetus Design, evaluation, and implementation of computer systems with emphasis on processor and memory architecture
Libra Scalable Advanced Network Services based on Coordinated Active Components
MEMS-based storage systems Designing systems with MEMS-based storage
Odyssey OS extensions for adaptive mobile computing
PASIS Survivable information storage systems
PipeRench Reconfigurable computing using hardware virtualization for forward compatibility
Phoenix Reconfigurable nanotechnology
PowerTap Hardware and software mechanisms and policies for system-wide energy/power management
Profet Never stalling waiting to access data
PUMA2 Proactively uniform memory access architecture
Quake Earthquake ground motion modelling
Remos Network resource monitoring and prediction
RoSES Graceful degradation for distributed embedded systems
Self-securing storage Protecting data during client system intrusions
SPEC Parallel and sequential computer system benchmarks
STAMPede Using speculation to automatically parallelize everything
Survivable Systems Specification and verification techniques and tools for analyzing fault-tolerant, secure systems
TRAC High-level hardware description and synthesis

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