Anastassia Ailamaki Object-relational database systems, computer architecture, database performance evaluation
Randy Bryant Digital system simulation and verification
Eric Cooper High-performance networking
Scott Fahlman Mobile agents, software development environments, artificial neural nets, high-performance processing of biomedical image
Christos Faloutsos Multimedia databases, data mining, medical databases, search
Babak Falsafi Computer architecture, multiprocessors, speculative architectures, power-aware systems, memory systems
Allan Fisher High performance networking, ATM, gender issues in computer science education
Greg Ganger Operating systems, security, storage systems, distributed systems, networking, MEMS-based storage systems
Phil Gibbons Internet-scale sensor networks, databases, data mining, machine learning
Garth Gibson Parallel file systems, aggressive prefetching in file systems, I/O-intensive parallel applications, network-attached storage, redundant arrays of independent disks

Seth Copen Goldstein

Reconfigurable computing, compilers, high-level architectures for reconfigurability, nanotechnology
Mor Harchol-Balter Performance modelling, high-performance web servers, distributed web servers, routers, network connection scheduling, supercomputers
Alex Hills Telecommunications policy, wireless telecommunications technology, remote and rural telecommunications systems
James Hoe Computer architecture, hardware synthesis, cluster computing, network interfaces
Hyong Kim Computer networks, advanced switch architectures, high-speed networks
Philip Koopman Robust distributed embedded systems, computer architecture, methodical system design
Diana Marculescu VLSI/computer architecture, energy aware computing
Roy Maxion Computer dependability and security; information warfare; intrusion detection; system diagnosis
Todd Mowry Computer architecture, compilers, operating systems, parallel processing
David Nagle Storage networking, network-attached storage, MEMS-based storage systems
Priya Narasimhan Fault tolerance, security, middleware, distributed systems
Andreas Nowatzyk High performance computer architecture and parallel processing
Dave O'Hallaron High-performance distributed computing, Internet services
Adrian Perrig Information and systems security, focusing on network security (Internet, mobile computing, and sensor networks)
Raj Rajkumar Real-time and multimedia operating systems, multimedia quality of service, dependable real-time systems
Mike Reiter Computer security, distributed computing, applied cryptography
M. Satyanarayanan Mobile and ubiquitous computing, distributed file systems, operating systems, networking, measurement and evaluation
Herman Schmidt Reconfigurable computing, low-power design
Srinivasan Seshan High-performance networking, wireless networks
Dawn Song Computer and networking security, operating systems security, software security, cryptography, database security, networking, algorithms
Asim Smailagic Wearable computers, mobile computing, reliable computing, audio and visual interfaces to computers
Dan Siewiorek Wearable computers, fault-tolerant computing, reliable computing
Peter Steenkiste Network support for electronic services, network quality of service, high performance networking, distributed computing
Howard Wactlar Information retrieval systems, multimedia systems, digital libraries, speech/image/language understanding systems, distributed systems
Chenxi Wang Security in distributed systems, publish-subscribe systems, Secure distributed file systems, system survivability
Jeannette Wing Distributed systems, fault-tolerance, security, transactions, programming languages, applied formal methods.
Hui Zhang Integrated services computer networks and multimedia systems.

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