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Last updated: January 1, 1995
The Cleveland Browns defeated the New England Patriots 20-13 in the Wild Card Round of the AFC Playoffs. Next week Cleveland will come to Pittsburgh for a Divisional Round game. This will be the first time Pittsburgh and Cleveland have ever played against each other in the playoffs. [1-1]

Miami, the number three seed in the AFC Playoffs, defeated Kansas City 27-17. This means that next week Miami will play San Diego and Pittsburgh will play the winner of tomorrow's Cleveland/New England game. [12-31]

By defeating the Cleveland Browns 17-7 in Pittsburgh, the Steelers have won the AFC Central Division Crown and secured Home Field Advantage throughout the playoffs for the second time in Bill Cowher's three seasons as Head Coach. [12-18]

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Free Agents Lost:

Free Agents Signed:


TE Adrian Cooper was traded to the Vikings for 1995 draft picks.

Jeff Graham, last year's leading receiver for the Steelers, was traded to Da Bears for a conditional 1995 draft pick.


Round 1:
17. Charles Johnson WR(Colorado)

Round 2:
50. Brentson Buckner DE(Clemson)

Round 3:
88. Jason Gildon DE(Oklahoma State)
91. Byron Morris RB(Texas Tech)

Round 4:
122. Taase Faumui DE(Hawaii)

Round 5:
140. Myron Bell DB(Michigan State)
148. Gary Brown OT(Georgia Tech)

Round 6:
178. Jim Miller QB(Michigan State)
180. Eric Ravotti LB(Penn State)

Round 7:
209. Brice Abrams RB(Michigan State)

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1994-5 Schedule

All times are Eastern
Sunday, Sept. 4:	Dallas		L	 9-26
Sunday, Sept. 11:	@Cleveland	W	17-10
Sunday, Sept. 18:	Indianapolis	W	31-21
Sunday, Sept. 25:	@Seattle	L	13-30
Monday, Oct. 3:		Houston		W	30-14
Week 6:			bye
Sunday, Oct. 16:	Cincinnati	W	14-10
Sunday, Oct. 23:	@NY Giants	W	10-6
Sunday, Oct. 30:	@Arizona	L	17-20
Sunday, Nov. 6:		@Houston	W	12-9
Monday, Nov. 14:	Buffalo		W	23-10
Sunday, Nov. 20:	Miami		W	16-13
Sunday, Nov. 27:	@LA Raiders	W	21-3
Sunday, Dec. 4:		@Cincinnati	W	38-15
Sunday, Dec. 11:	Philadelphia	W	14-3
Sunday, Dec. 18:	Cleveland	W	17-7
Saturday, Dec. 24:	@San Diego	L	34-37

Regular Season Record: 12-4

AFC Central Division Champions!


Saturday, Jan. 7:	Cleveland	12:30pm


Last updated: May 26, 1994
As a service to Steelers fans everywhere, here is a compilation of places to see Steelers games when you can't see them on TV. I take no responsibility for the validity of this list, nor am I endorsing any of these establishments -- this is provided only as an information service. If you know of any places not included on this list (preferably outside of Pittsburgh, since you can watch the game on TV anywhere in the 'Burgh area), please send me the relevant info at vernon@cs.cmu.edu being sure to follow the format of the other entries. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.


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To help facilitate this, they have assigned one of their editors to investigate the Internet and all of its possibilities. Joan Kite (joankite@netrunner.net) is the representative that Curtis Publishing has assigned to this project and she has been lurking on the net for some time now, observing and learning about how we Internet fans operate. And because I think that it's important to have as much information about the Steelers as possible on the Internet, I have agreed to provide advice and support to Joan and to Curtis Publishing in their efforts to create a viable Internet presence.

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