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Name:     STRICKER, Thomas Martin
Born:	  June 6, 1963
Citizen:  Switzerland, US permanent resident


Sept 89-  Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science, Pittsburgh
June 96   Doctorate in Computer Science, Ph.D. 
	  Title of Dissertation: "A Communication Infrastructure for Parallel
             and Distributed Programs" 
  	  Thesis committee: Prof. Thomas Gross (advisor), Guy Blelloch, 
             Dave O'Hallaron, Peter Steenkiste (CMU) and Kai Li (Princeton).

Oct 82-	  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Eidgenoessische Technische 
April 88     Hochschule, Zurich, ETHZ, Switzerland. 
	  Masters in Computer Science & Engineering (Dipl. Infomatik Ing.). 
	  Masters thesis: "Self- and Cross-decimation of Shift-Register 
             Sequences", cryptography, Advisor: Prof. J. L. Massey (ETHZ).
  	  Minor: Solid-state physics

Mar 74-	  Solothurn State College (Kantonsschule Solothurn),Olten,Switzerland.
Oct 82	  Baccalaureate/Matura Degree, awarded in Gymnasium track, a competi-
             tive seven year grammar school; degree admits to university 
             studies in any academic field.

Industrial experience and selected projects:

June 92-  IBM T. J. Watson Research Laboratory, Yorktown Heights, NewYork, USA.
Sept 92	  Industrial summer position.
	  An architectural evaluation of the network interface hardware for 
             high performance message passing in the first generation of IBM 
             POWER Parallel Systems (IBM-SP1).
  	  Managers: Dr. Marc Snir, Dr. Pratap Patnaik (IBM)

June 91-  Intel Supercomputer Systems Division, Beaverton, Oregon, USA. 
Sept. 91  Industrial summer positions. Research work in the iWarp project.
  and 	  Contributions: the iWarp message routing system, a fast mesh sorter,
June 90-     a configuration manager and a disassembler for the iWarp LIW 
Sept 90	     instruction set.
 	  Managers: Dave Riss, Chris Dodd, Paul Weiss (Intel)

May 88-	  IBM T. J. Watson Research Laboratory, Yorktown Heights, NewYork, USA.
Aug 89	  Full time position in the department of VLSI & Microsystems.
	  EMIT bricker, a CAD tool for the computation and prediction of 
             electromagnetic interference emitted from printed circuit boards
             based on lumped circuit models of the conductor geometry (detail 
             specification of project, algorithm design and rapid prototyping 
	  Manager: Dr. Albert E. Ruehli.

July 85-  Ascom Telecom (Hasler Gruppe), Berne, Switzerland
Oct 85	  Industrial summer position.
	  Design of the serial line interface for a packet assembler/dis-
             assembler box (PAD) according to CCITT standard X.3,X.25,X.28 
             and X.29.

1991	  Project at CMU, area qualifier minor
 	  "Finite Fields, Public Keys and Mathematica", an illustrated 
             electronic notebook with automated proofs of RSA. 
          Advisor: Prof. Dana Scott (CMU).

1983 and  Military services
1985	  Service as a telecommunication specialist and officer.

1982 	  Finalist in National Youth Research Contest (Jugend Forscht 
             Wettbewerb), Switzerland.
	  Nationwide contest of independent research studies for high school 
	  Entry: ECONET, design and implementation of a low cost local area
             network for first generation of personal computers (Apple II); 
             includes a study on its applications in a networked classroom.

Teaching Experience:

Fall 93	  Carnegie Mellon University
	  Teaching assistant for architecture course (CS-15-740).
          Included some lectures in class, preparing homework assignments, 
             office hours and grading. 
          Lecturer: Prof. Randy Bryant.

Spring 91 Carnegie Mellon University
	  Teaching assistant for undergrad. computer arch. course (CS-15-347). 
          Included preparing laboratory and homework assignments, office 
             hours and grading. 
          Lecturer: Prof. Dan Siewiorek.

1985-1988:ETH Zurich, Switzerland
          Computer consultant in the undergraduate programming laboratories 
             at the ETH, (part time). 
          Supervisor: Prof. C. A. Zehnder.

1982-1985:Solothurn State Program for Continuing Education (for school 
          Instructor and equipment consultant in computer literacy 
             classes (part time).


1989-1996 Graduate Fellowship of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie 
          Mellon University.

Language skills:

o English (very good skills in speaking, reading and writing)
o German (native tongue, excellent skills, in speaking, reading and writing)
o French (good skills in reading, speaking, fair skills in writing)
o Spanish (fair skills in reading and comprehension)

Interests outside computer science:

o Leading and organizing youth activities, licensed as a camp leader in 
  alpine sports.
o Travel for cultural experience and leisure.
o Photography, black/white- and color-printing.

Memberships in professional organizations and university committees:

o Member of the Assoc. of Computing Machinery (ACM) and IEEE Computer Society.
o Member of UNIGS, Unix Interest Group Switzerland (1982-1992).
o Student representative in the Computer Science Program Review Committee 
  (AK/UK, Abt. IIIc) at ETH Zuerich (1986-1987).

Other professional activites:

Referee for technical papers submitted to the ISCA 20,22,23 (ACM/IEEE
International Symposium of Computer Architecture), HPCA 1,2 (Symposium
on High Performance Computer Architecture), Journal of of
Supercomputing and Transactions of Parallel Languages and Systems.

Invited talk at CSCS, Swiss Center for Super Computers, Jan 6, 1993.

List of selected publications in refereed journals and conferences:

o Optimizing Memory Systems Performance for Communication in Parallel
  Computers, in the 22nd International Symposium on Computer
  Architecture, ISCA, Santa Marguerita di Ligure, Italy, June 1995,
  with Thomas Gross.

o Decoupling Synchronization and Data Transfer in Message Passing
  Systems of Parallel Computers. in the 9th International Symposium on
  Supercomputers, ICS, Barcelona, Spain, July 1995, with Jim Stichnoth,
  Susan Hinrichs, David R. O'Hallaron and Thomas Gross.

o The Impact of Communication Style on Machine Resource Usage for the
  iWarp Parallel Processor, in IEEE Computer, p34 - p44, December 1994,
  with Thomas Gross, David R.  O'Hallaron, Atsushi Hasegawa, Susan

o From AAPC Algorithms to Permutation Routing and Sorting. to appear
  in the 8th ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures,
  SPAA, Padua, Italy, June 1996, with Jonathan Hardwick.

o An Architecture for Optimal All-to-All Personalized Communication,
  in the 6th ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures,
  SPAA, Cape May, NJ, June 1994, with Susan Hinrichs, Corey Kosak, David
  O'Hallaron and Richiiro Take.

o Supporting sets of Arbitrary Connections on iWarp through
  Communication Context Switches, in the 5th ACM Symposium on Parallel
  Algorithms and Architectures, SPAA, Schloss Velen, Westfalia, Germany,
  June 1993, Anja Feldmann and Thomas E. Warfel.

o Supporting the Hypercube Programming Model on Mesh Architectures, in
  the 4th ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures, SPAA,
  San Diego CA, June 1992.

o Subset Barrier Synchronization on Distributed Memory Parallel
  Computers in the 4th ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and
  Architectures, SPAA, San Diego CA, June 1992, with Anja Feldmann,
  Thomas Gross and David O'Hallaron.

o Message Routing in Irregular Meshes and Tori in Proceedings of the
  6th IEEE Distributed Memory Computing Conference, DMCC, Portland OR,
  May 1991 (Note: my original article appeared recently as an
  unauthorized version in the refereed Elsevier Journal: Microprocessing
  and Microprogramming, plagiarized by Mr. C. V. Papadopoulos, August

o ECONET, Ein Netzwerk von Micro Computern fur den Unterricht in
  Proceedings of Swiss Youth Research Contest (Jahresbericht von
  Schweizer Jugend Forscht), May 1982, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Most of my papers listed above and their abstracts appear also as CMU
technical reports and as such, they are distributed electronically by
"anonymous ftp" from in iWarp-papers or by the World
Wide Web, see Follow link to research

List of References:

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