Church of the Ascension Guatemala Mission Trip June 2000

These pages capture one person's viewpoint of the Church of the Ascension Guatemala Mission Trip June 3-10th, 2000. I kept a daily journal during the mission which has been transcribed here, and have integrated photos taken by myself or others when available. This was the first time I have ever participated in something like this. I kept the journal for my own learning, but decided to publish it on the web in order to 1) help my trip sponsors better understand what happened during the trip, and 2) share my experiences with anyone else contemplating short-term missions work.

Given that God is infinite, and this was just one person's experience, your milage may vary.

One month prior to departure
Final pre-mission planning meeting
Mission Diary - Saturday June 3
Mission Diary - Sunday June 4
Mission Diary - Monday June 5
Mission Diary - Tuesday June 6
Mission Diary - Wednsday June 7
Mission Diary - Thursday June 8
Mission Diary - Friday June 9
Mission Diary - Saturday June 10

Maps of where we went

More information about Food for the Hungry (link to external web site)

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