Graduation '98

Unfortunately, the lighting inside was rather dim. Since the camera has a fixed aperture, the only way to compensate for dimmer light was longer exposure times. As a result, about half the photos were too dark or blurry to view. With that caveat, enjoy...

  Buffet at the Manito Park Country Club

Son reviews his "Escape from Spokane" plans with Sherrie

Jeff looking photogenic as always, while Bonnie considers bludgeoning me to death with the camera

Bonnie, Mike, and Tammy listen attentively while Jeff emphatically outlines his plans for world conquest

Judy and her mom

Dinner conversation

We were pleasantly surprised to see a number of attendings present that evening. Visible here are Drs. Byrd and LaSalle, with Dr. Joseph just barely visible to the right of Tamara's head

Dr. Schrock telling stand-up comedy. "How is a Montanna divorce like a Florida hurricane? Either way, you lose the trailer."

Bruce standing with two lovely (but dimly illuminated) ladies

Quote of the night: Mike, on relating to the support he felt from many of the attendings: