Golf outing '98

The various groups filtered in to the Avondale Golf Course Sunday.
  Some prepared by eating lunch...
some mingled or hit a few on the driving range,
and others explored the scenic course itself.

The Radiology Team

The Deaconess Team

Jeff Peterson and Dr. Shrock

And the rest of the IMR/Sacred Heart Transitional Team

Rich knocks a foul ball into a nearby water hazard...sort of.

Thunderstorms threaten, but Lisa fearlessly reaches for a longer club.

B.K. in action

Bonnie pondering how to best angle her drive

The rest of the team

Family Medicine

Rick ponders the next stroke.

The winning putt.

Group photo

After golfing, folks headed over to Dr. Schrock's cabin by the lake.
Both the golfers

And the golfers to be

For waterskiing and canoing,

good food and games,

a chance to introduce friends and family to our co-workers,

And a time to say goodbye.