What's New on the Language Research Pages?

What's New (Winter 1996):

Feb 28
Added a link to the Program Specialization and Partial Evaluation page at DIKU.
Jan 23
Added Dan Cooke's home page.
Jan 21
Added Harlequin's Memory Management Reference page to the list of subject-oriented pages.

Jan 15
Added the Euro-Par'97 Workshop on Symbolic Computation to the conferences page.
Jan 13
Added Samson Abramsky's home page. Updated the link to Hassan Aït-Kaci's home page.

Updated the link to the Haskell Report (1.4) on the language overviews page.

Jan 9
Updated the link to Programming Languages for Parallel Processing ed. by David Skillicorn and Domenico Talia (on the books page -- other additions are always welcome!).
Jan 8
Added Stephan Diehl's home page.
Jan 6
Added AADEBUG'97 (3rd International Workshop on Automated Debugging) to the conferences page.
Dec 12
Added Pizza (an extension of Java) and the Fudget library to the language overviews page.

Added the proceedings of the 1996 Glasgow Workshop on Functional Programming to the conferences page. Also added a link to ILPS'97 (International Logic Programming Symposium).

Dec 10
Added German Vidal's home page.
Dec 9
Updated Domenico Talia's entry on the list of home pages. Added Maria Alpuente's home page.

Added TIC'97 (Workshop on Types in Compilation) to the conferences page.

Added O'Hearn and Tennent's book, Algol-Like Languages, to the books page.

Updated the link to the Bench++ Project (on the projects page).

Updated the link to Steven Majewski's page of Programming Language Critiques

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