CMU Intramural Information Page

Official Intramural Page
Intramural Office: Room 101 of the gym
Director:   Mike Mastroianni X8-2214  
Asst Director: Mike Grzywinski  683-2938
Secretary:  Michelle Matta   X8-2053

Bboard: cmu.andrew.official.athletic-dept-news

Email Entries:

Detailed information:

  • Roster Due Dates
  • Email Entry Form (email entries due 1 day earlier)
  • List of Offered Sports
  • People to contact in SCS/Robotics listed by sport
  • Other information

    Each sport has 4 divisions: 
             MAJORS       (serious competition, high skill level)
    	 INTERMEDIATE (good skill level)
             MINORS       (play for fun)
             WOMEN ONLY   (women can play in any division)
    Time committment: Each season is about 5-8 games followed by playoffs. 
                      1 or 2 games per week during the season.
    Spouses:  A student's spouse or significant other can participate in sports
    as long as they are both on the same team.