ViaCrypt PGP for Unix & Compuserve

From: (Jack Edward Brown, Jr.)
Newsgroups: sci.crypt
Subject: [INFO] ViaCrypt PGP for Unix & Compuserve
Date: 9 Mar 1994 16:28:08 GMT
Organization: Youngstown State/Youngstown Free-Net
Lines: 18
Message-ID: <2lkteo$>

ViaCrypt recently have announced their version of PGP
is available for Unix and Compuserve WinCIM & CSNav.

UNIX $149.98
Compuserve $119.98
Mail: 2104 W. Peoria Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85029
Phone: (602) 944-0773
Fax: (602) 943-2601
Compuserve: 70304,41

If your interest is in commercial product. I suggest you contact them
at the above address for more info.
Jack Brown