Answers to Frequently Asked Mach Questions

The files highlighted here are ascii text files accessible from the Mach FTP server on in the directory public/FAQ.

How to get documentation about the Mach project? --- Do you now want to retrieve the Mach Bibliogrphy (30 pages)? In (ascii) -- or -- (postscipt)

How to get on or off the Mach mailing lists. What code does the Mach project distribute and what licenses or fees are required to get it? What SUP collections are available once you have a Mach license.

What sources are available via anonymous FTP? Would you now like instructions on how to FTP from CMU? or UUNET or NORDUet or Japan?

What platforms has Mach been ported to? Information about I386/486 machines; information about IBM RS600. Information about Macintosh ports; the now defunct CMU's MacMach and the commerically available MachTen OS. What is the relationship of NeXTStep to Mach?

The Open Software Foundation has been working with the Mach Project since it's beginning. We have general information about their releases and a contact address To see their announcment of the latest OSF/1 micro-kernel based release click OSF/1 MK5.0.1. There is also information on how to obtain the OSF documents describing this release.

Other files of interest in the public/FAQ area are:

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