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Scheme Code Extensions: Collections of miscellaneous Scheme code.


   arrays/    Multidimensional arrays in Scheme
   avl/       AVL: AVL trees and tries.
   function/  Extensions related to functions
   hash/      General Table: Hash table implementation for 
   lattices/  Lattices: Jim Miller's Conform package.
   lists/     Code for manipulating lists of various kinds.
   resource/  Resources: Implementation of resources (weak 
              pools) for Scheme.
   sets/      Code for implementing sets of integers.
   strings/   Scheme code for manipulating strings and 
   structs/   Implementation of Structures for Scheme.
   threads/   PCALL: Scheme code to emulate FUTURE and PCALL.
   trees/     Code for various types of tree structures.
   types/     Code related to Types.
This directory contains a variety of extensions to Scheme and miscellaneous Scheme code.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Scheme!Code, Scheme!Extensions
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