Kala White Paper now available via anonymous ftp

From: sss@world.std.com (Sergiu S Simmel)
Message-ID: <CD4MyB.Hsn@world.std.com>
Organization: Penobscot Development Corporation, Cambridge MA
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1993 07:18:11 GMT

An 8-page paper providing an overview of what Kala is and what Kala is
for is now available, in PostScript format, in the Kala Archive. The
file is accessible, via anonymous FTP, at the following location:


The outline is the following

        1 What is Kala For?
        2 Software Infrastructure
                Persistent Data and Persistent Stores
        3 Data Transfer
        4 Data Visibility
                Changing Visibility
                Sharing Visibility
        5 Runtime and Architectural Models
        6 Relationship to Other Technologies

This paper is targeted towards those who don't know anything about
Kala and would like to find out a bit in 10 pages or less.


P.S. For those of you who do not have FTP access and would like to
     obtain this file, please send a brief e-mail message to
     info@Kala.com, requesting that the file be e-mailed to you.
     Beware that the file is approximately 425Kbytes long (the paper
     contains 13 illustrations!).

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