free samples of directed graph layouts by mail

From: (Stephen C. North)
Keywords: graph layout, DAG, embedder
Date: 25 Jun 93 18:28:29 GMT
Organization: AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill

I have created an experimental service for remote users to try some of
our graph layout programs through Internet mail, for research or
educational purposes.  I'm looking for a few friendly users to try this
service.  The programs are:

    dag (directed graphs, old, program, works with some USL C++ utilities.
                This may have unintentionally sparked the apparently misdirected 
                discussion of "DAG classes" in one newsgroup recently.)
    dot (directed graphs, newer algorithms, better layouts, more features)
    neato (undirected graphs, compatible with dot, Kamada-Kawai spring embedder)

You can ftp PostScript files of documentation from dist/drawdag/*.Z on

To draw graphs, send a graph file to
and give the command line in the Subject header.  For example,

    From cs.Princeton.EDU!north Thu Jun 24 11:45:28 0400 1993 remote from toucan
    Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1993 11:45:28 -0400
    From: Stephen North <north@cs.Princeton.EDU>
    Subject: dot -Tps 

    digraph G { a -> b }

File arguments are disabled for obvious reasons.  Please let me know if
you hit any snags.  There is a reasonable limit on graph size and probably
number of invocations from a given site/account. (If you use it that much,
AT&T's Intellectual Property Division sells binary executables; their number
is 800-462-8146).

Stephen North, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill NJ, (908) 582 7392
Parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus!

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