Re: Browsers

From: (Hermann Hueni)
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1993 12:37:28 GMT

Sniff is a commercial product.
Send mail to
AN early version is available as a SUN SPARC binary only from     (THIS site is in EUROPE)

>23  C++ tags
Eiffel archive,24
short tool, 24

What: ctags/etags for C and C++
From: (Sam Kendall)
Date: 10 Jun 92 09:31:27 GMT

A lot of people have requested this software!  You can now get Tags for
C/C++ version 1.0 via anonymous ftp at: is  Anonymous ftp means login as "ftp" and
give your email address as the password.

If you don't have ftp access to the internet, you may want to wait for this
stuff to come out in comp.sources.unix.  Or, if you plan to use it right away,
send me a letter that says "I can't use ftp; please send by email" and I will
do so.

>24  short tool
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