Arjuna papers announcement

Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1993 16:47:02 GMT

This is to announce the availability of most Arjuna related papers and
theses via anonymous ftp from These papers are
available in both US Letter and European A4 standards in postscript and
should now print on systems. Any problems in printing should be directed to

Since there are too many papers to describe in one posting there is an index
available in /pub/Arjuna/Index which contains the abstracts from all of
the papers/theses and their locations within the ftp hierarchy.

>3  BOS (prototyping)

What: BOS
Date: 23 Apr 92 18:07:32 GMT

[For readers of comp.object and self-interest, BOS is a prototype-based
object system that I have, er, prototyped in Tcl. It is available via anon
FTP to under /usr0/snl/archive/bos-1.2.tar.Z (you have to
cd to /usr0/snl/archive first and then get the file, due to CMU security hacks
in ftpd). I thought that this would be of interest to comp.object and
self-interest, so I'm cross-posting/mailing --S]

Note: I play very fast and loose with the terminology of OOP to get my
point across. I apologize if I offend any sensibilities, and will clarify what
I say if it is obfuscated by my use of terms.

>4  G++ for DOS (Many sites)

:From: DJ Delorie <>
:Newsgroups: gnu.announce,gnu.misc.discuss

:               DJGPP 1.10 is now available!
:               --- DJGPP - G++ for MSDOS/386 ---

:djgpp is normally uploaded to:
:            pub/msdos/djgpp
:               pub/msdos/djgpp(*)
:                                                       msdos/gnuprogs/djgpp (*)
:                                                       pub/pc/gnu/gcc-pl* & gcc-newst
:   pub/msdos/djgpp
:                 ibmpc/djgpp
:                   pub/djgpp
:  UK.AC.MCC.FTPJ (JANET)                user<guest>     <PUB>djgpp

:(*) Please do not access during working hours (7am - 6pm their local time)

>5  cooC (Concurrent, OO C ext.)
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