Re: CASE Survey

From: (Odd Ivar Lindland)
Organization: Norwegian Institute of Technology, University of Trondheim
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 93 06:57:25 GMT
A comprehensive survey of 35 commercial CASE tools is given in 
"Ovum evaluates: CASE products". It is from 1993 and is continuously updated. 
It has all the information you asked for. The bad thing is that it is very
expensive ($1995 !!!). You should get a 40 % academic discount, however.
Moreover, recently they had a "quick-answer discount" making the full price
(before academic discount) $1295. Anyway, I believe it is good investment if you
quickly want to have comprehensive information about the current CASE market.
Particularly valuable is the comparative evaluation of the 35 products.

> Proceedings of the Workshop on the Next Generation of CASE Tools (NGCT)

From: (Sjaak Brinkkemper)
Organization: University of Twente, Dept. of Computer Science
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1993 11:05:51 GMT

The proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on the Next Generation of
CASE Tools (NGCT'93) are available as a technical report from the
Center for Telematics and Information Technology, University of

Price: Nfl 45, US$ 25 (including shipping and money transfer)

Order by sending a message including a POSTAL ADDRESS to:
Sjaak Brinkkemper

*      Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on the      *
*           Next Generation of CASE Tools             *
*     Universite Paris 1 Sorbonne - 7/8 June 1993     *

Editors: S. Brinkkemper and F. Harmsen
Center for Telematics and Information Technology
University of Twente
the Netherlands
174 pages


The Workshop on the Next Generation of CASE Tools (NGCT) is an
annual event, bringing together leading researchers on Computer
Aided Software Engineering (CASE). NGCT workshop is a pre-conference
workshop of the annual Conference on Advanced Information Systems
Engineering (CAiSE). The goal of this year's workshop, held in
Paris, is to conduct an in-depth discussion of research approaches
in the area of Computer Aided Software Engineering. Three main
themes have been identified: 
*       CASE architectures
*       Development process support
*       Advanced requirements engineering
The workshop committee accepted fourteen papers, which are grouped
in the proceedings according to these three themes. Among the topics
of the papers are: multiparadigm specification for interoperable
information systems, capturing design decisions, automated user
interface derivation, deductive repositories, human error analysis,
and business modeling.


These are anonymous ftp sites of interest to the OO community.  Thanks go to
Mike DeVaney ( gen ftp site list) and to Bill Kinnersley
(, anon ftp programming languages list), whose initial
lists helped to get things going.  Additional short entries are encouraged;
please send additions to the author of the FAQ (and/or to Mike and Bill).

Entries will be standardized and summarized in future (non-draft) FAQs and are
not limited to one category.

Starred entries have a summary below and can be found as ">#" followed by the
description.  These entries will eventually be cleaned up.

---------------------                  Ada-9x info, ARM                        *Ada-9x (compiler, GNU,50)                       *Alcool-90 (dyn ML,1)                   *Arjuna (Distr Prog System,2)                  *BeBOP(seq,par,LP,OO,meta,46)                                BETA (Mjolner Informatics Demo)   *BOS (prototyping,3) C++ (for MS-DOS)       C++ (for Unix, & Objective-C)         *G++ for DOS (Many sites,4)
  pub/toshiba/cooc-beta.1.1.tar.Z              *cooC (Concurrent, OO C ext.,5)                           CLOS                                CLU (Sun, VAX)           CML                                Pcl (Portable CommonLoops)                *FMPL (prototyping,6)                              Glasgow Haskell                            Chalmers Haskell (hbc)                         Hermes (Unix)                                  Icon                            ISETL (DOS, Mac, Unix, VMS,src)                                     Little Smalltalk (C src)               *MAX (visual OO,7) (             MeldC (Rflctv, prllel, OO lang)                              Modula-3               *O'small (OO lang for teaching,8) (license or request)      *OBJ3 (OO lang,9)                          *OBST (lang, perst, OODB,10)       Objective-C (for Unix, & C++)                  *OOT (OO Turing demo,11)                             Oberon (MacII, SPARC, DECstn) Oberon (MS-DOS)           Oberon (Amiga)                           occam (VAX sim, Tahoe) OPS5 (interpreter) PL/I (interpreter)                           Russell                   Russell               *Sather (simple Eiffel,12) scm                         Scheme (small, portable) elk                         Scheme (for Suns) gambit                   Scheme (for 68K's)                              *Self (13)                               Self                                      SETL2 (DOS, OS/2, Mac, Unix)                           SIMULA 67 (Mac)                         Smalltalk-80 (GNU v1.1)                                 *Smalltalk V (38)                              SML/NJ                        SML (Version 0.75)                                 SML (lazy)                              Modula-3 (SRC)                             tcl                 uML            Free Compilers/Interp's list pub/comp.compilers/LanguageList*  Bill Kinnersley's list pub/compilers-list/LanguageList*
See also Knowledge Media cd-rom collection on Languages, entry 47.

--------------        Yacc *C++ gram, etc.,14
  [See also Free Compilers and Kinnersley's List above!]

-------------------------------            *ConceptBase (OODB, reqkey,15)  *C++ OODB (16)              Encore of Brown Univ                          *Exodus (Storage Man, perst,17) *GRAS (18)                          *MOOD   (OODB, lim arch,19)            MOOD/Postgres/OBST copies                           *OBST/STONE(schema,prst obj,10)                                *Ode    (C++ OODB,20)                       *POSTGRES (Ext. Rel. DBMS,21)
toe.CS.Berkeley.EDU:pub/postgres                *POSTGRES,21{swizz,texaspstore}.ps *The Texas Persistent Store,41

See also, object-oriented databases.

-------------- *Cls bwsr,tmplates,GC,etc,14                     *Sniff (C++ devel environ,22)                    *Sniff,22          *C++ tags, 23           InterViews 3.1 (C/C++ browser)            OOTool (win31 directory?)     *Eiffel archive, 24 *short tool, 24*                     *C++ Signatures (subtyping),40

------------------------                             *C++SIM (Simula-like Sim Pkg,38)                    *COOL(C++, orig from TI,25)      *COOL(C++, Cfront 2.1, from GE,25)                 CORBA (DII) pub/standards/spec  CORBA Spec              *idl.SunOS4.x, idl.Solaris2.x,26   *MindFrame for Windows,54 *NIHCL COOL OATH ET++,etc,14             *OSE C++lib,42              *u++(C++ Trans. and Concry RTS,48)

------------------------------ or  *Browser for OO info,27 *C++ docs, code, net sums,14                     Eiffel FAQ[.Z]          OO FAQ (this document)       *OO FAQ(hypertext version),WWW,27           *OO Information sources on WWW,27 OODB Schema Evol Summary{PS,txt}.Z OODB Manifesto

------                  *Apertos (MO Distr OS,28)              *Actors Paper (UIUC,29) pub/papers             *Actors Papers,29  *C++ coding standard,44        *Chambers' Thesis,30        Concurrency Papers,WWW,27                                 *Distrib Reports GTE,52 pub/techreports/       Electra ORB, sec 3.8.6                Garbage Collection,sec 3.9{tex,ps}.Z         *graph drawing,31,*  *Kala Archive,45               *Law of Demeter,32              MUTABLE STATE OOPL SURVEY          *OO Dyn Grping, memory,33                           OO Frameworks, R. Johnson *Pred Classes (Cecil,34)                RAID Papers  (Berkeley) 
sprite.(cs.)            RAID configs (Berkeley) *Real Time,49                        Self Papers                  Testing OO (sect 3.11)                              Testing OO (sect 3.11)              *Traces,kiczales,MOP,DI,43 pub/                Types, Comp alg (Santas)                             U. Geneva OO Group papers           *Value Dependence Graphs,57

The Postgres, OBST and Exodus sites also contain a good selection of papers. 

-------    *ACE Lib, C++ Networking,55    *Apertos(Meta-Obj Distr OS, research,28)      *Archive site,C++,Coplien,papers,etc,44*.Z     *Graph service,37      *KEOBJ, OO DSP micro-kernel,53 *lots for C++,14                        *Manchester Archive and some,35       *Object Design's OO7 Results,36 *Teaching OO Course Slides,51* *Teaching Intro to OO Slides, T. Budd,56


Computer Select Database              *commercial on cd-rom,39
Knowledge Media                       *Big col. on cd-roms, lots of freeware,47          *OOPSLA-93 Info


>1  Alcool-90 (dyn ML)

What: Alcool-90 Release 0.40.3
From: (Francois Rouaix)
Date: 18 May 92 09:36:22 GMT

Alcool-90 is an experimental extension of ML with run-time overloading and
a type-based notion of modules, functors and inheritance.

New constructs have been added:
        * Overloaded symbols (overload).
        * Local definition of abstract values (overload in).
        * Implementations and parametric functors (pack to). 
        * Extension functors (overload with).
        * Class-based Dynamics (dynamic).

This version of Alcool is based on the CAML Light implementation (release
0.4) of the ML language, but this release is autonomous.

Alcool-90 is available by anonymous FTP from

    host:  (
    directory: lang/alcool
     README                 Copyright information.
     alcool270492.tar.Z     Sources for Un*x machines (Apr 27 1992 Release).
     alcooldoc.dvi.tar.Z    DVI for the Alcool-90 report draft.

For questions, comments, bug reports, please e-mail to

>2  Arjuna (Distr Prog System)

What: Release 2 of Arjuna Distributed Programming System
From: (Arjuna Project)
Date: Mon, 17 May 1993 12:37:34 GMT

        We are pleased to announce the  availability  of a new  version 
of Arjuna:  a programming system for  reliable  distributed  computing, 
and the Arjuna mailing list.

        The software  and the manual  for  the  Arjuna  system  can  be 
obtained by anonymous ftp: (

Arjuna System

        This beta release of  ArjunaPR2.0  fixes all known bugs present 
in ArjunaPR1.2B that have  been  reported to us or  that we have found, 
and contains only minimal information about how to use the new features 
provided.   This  release  should  be  compilable  with  the  following 

        AT&T Cfront Release 2.1, on SunOS 4.1.x,
            (using Sun supplied lex and yacc).
        AT&T Cfront Release 3.0.1, on SunOS 4.1.x and Solaris 2.1,
            (using Sun supplied lex and yacc).
        GCC versions 2.1, 2.2.2, on SunOS 4.1.x,
            (using flex(v2.3.x) and bison).
        Patched GCC version 2.3.3 on SunOS 4.1.x and Solaris 2.1,
            (using flex(v2.3.x) and bison).
        Sun C++ 2.1, on SunOs 4.1.x,
            (using Sun's lex++ and yacc++).
        HP  C++ (B2402 A.02.34), HP-UX 8.07,
            (using HP supplied lex and yacc or lex++ and yacc++).

The major new features are:

        - Faster object store.
        - Support for replicated objects.
        - Memory resident object store.
        - Support for ANSAware (not available via ftp)

        Arjuna supports nested atomic actions (atomic transactions) for 
controlling operations on objects (instances of C++ classes), which can 
potentially be persistent. Arjuna has been implemented in C++ to run on 
stock  platforms  (Unix  on  SUNs,  HPs  etc).  The  software available 
includes  a C++  stub generator  which hides  much  of the  details  of 
client-server  based  programming,  plus  a system  programmer's manual 
containing  details of  how  to  install  Arjuna and  use it  to  build 
fault-tolerant  distributed  applications.  The software and the manual 
can be obtained by anonymous ftp: (

        Several  enhancements   and   ports  on   various   distributed 
computing platforms are in progress.  We would be pleased  to hear from 
researchers and teachers  interested in using Arjuna.  The programmer's 
manual  contains the  e-mail  addresses for sending  your  comments and 
problem reports.

ANSAware version of Arjuna

The ANSAware version of Arjuna is available from:

Architecture Projects Management Limited
Poseidon House
Castle Park                                  Phone    +44 223 323010
Cambridge                                    Fax      +44 223 359779
CB3 0RD                                      Internet
United Kingdom                               UUCP     ...uknet!ansa!apm

Arjuna Mailing List

To enable us to  help people using Arjuna,  an electronic mail list has 
been setup. You can join  the Arjuna mailing list  by sending an e-mail 
message to "" containing:

join arjuna <Your Name>

For example : join arjuna John Smith

Mail  messages  can  then   be  sent  to  "",  for 

Arjuna Project Team
The Department of Computing Science,
The University,
Newcastle upon Tyne.
NE1 7RU, UK.

Fax:           +44 91 222 8232
anonymous ftp: (

POST  = Computing Laboratory, The University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK NE1 7RU
VOICE = +44 91 222 8067         FAX = +44-91-222-8232
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