Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition

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28. Common Lisp Object System

By Daniel G. Bobrow, Linda G. DeMichiel, Richard P. Gabriel, Sonya E. Keene, Gregor Kiczales, and David A. Moon

PREFACE: X3J13 voted in June 1988 (CLOS)   to adopt the first two chapters (of three) of the Common Lisp Object System specification as a part of the forthcoming draft Common Lisp standard.

This chapter presents the bulk of the first two chapters of the Common Lisp Object System specification; it is substantially identical to these two specification chapters as previously published elsewhere [5,6,7]. I have edited the material only very lightly to conform to the overall style of this book and to save a substantial number of pages by using a typographically condensed presentation. I have inserted a small number of bracketed remarks, identified by the initials GLS. The chapter divisions of the original specification have become section divisions in this chapter; references to the three chapters of the original specification now refer to the three ``parts'' of the specification. (See the Acknowledgments to this second edition for acknowledgments to others who contributed to the Common Lisp Object System specification.) This is not the last word on CLOS; X3J13 may well refine this material further. Keene has written a good tutorial introduction to CLOS [26].

- Guy L. Steele Jr.