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I am in my fifth year of PhD program in Machine Learning, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. My project is on active search and bandit problems with complex actions and rewards. Active search aims to discover all positive targets by examining as few candidate targets and capturing their outcomes as possible in a sequential and adaptive manner. To apply active search to more real and complex scenarios, I assume different models between targets that can be examined and reward of successful discoveries.

The methods that I consider generally belong to the families of Bayesian optimization and multi-armed bandits. For the theory part, I am interested in regret analysis, spectral graph theories, as well as diversity via submodular set functions. I also want to explore online learning and distributed machine learning, which both include an automated decision process about what to prioritize next.



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  1. Yifei Ma, Dougal J. Sutherland, Roman Garnett, Jeff Schneider. Active Pointillistic Pattern Search. NIPS 2014 Workshop on Bayesian Optimization.
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Citadel LLC. Quantitative Researcher Intern. 5/2014-8/2014 at Chicago.


Ph.D. Student in Machine Learning, Carnegie Mellon University, 8/2011-now.

B.S. in Automation, Dual B.S. in Mathematics, Tsinghua University, 8/2007-7/2011.

Exchange Study (Credits Transferred), Georgia Inst. of Technology, 8/2009-12/2009.

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