SCS Computing provides support for over 150 public and office printers across SCS, along with infrastructure that allows printing from Linux, Windows, and Mac hosts.

Getting help

If you have difficulty with a printer, you can call SCS Computing's Operations team at x8-2608, anytime. We can provide 24x7 help with many printer problems, such as being out of toner, routine paper jams, etc. More severe printer problems will need to be handled during normal business hours. You can also send mail to to report printing problems.

Lists of printers

You can find a list of available printers, and their associated print queues at

Printing etiquette

Many of the printers named in our printer lists are not public printers, and are only intended to be used by specific SCS individuals and groups. Those that are public are a shared resource. For that reason, people should:

To preview your output, you can use a Postscript viewer such as Ghostview (gv on Unix/Linux hosts), a DVI previewer such as xdvi for TeX output, or whatever print previewing facility comes with the application you are using (such as the Microsoft Word Print Preview ability).

How to Print

Note: If you do not know which printer queue your printer is on, refer to the printer list.

Print to New SCS Public Printers

Print to Legacy Printers:

(This also applies to many non-public office printers.)

Poster Printing in SCS