SCS Virtual Tour

We're bringing the tour to you.

Choosing where you'll go to college is never an easy task, but life and other circumstances can make it even more difficult. And getting to campus may not be possible for everyone. Thanks to a dedicated team of former SCS students, we created a virtual tour that closely mimics our physical one. In the videos below, you'll learn about SCS in general, how advising works in the college, our interdisciplinary and collaborative culture, our departments and programs, the teaching assistant culture in SCS, and research and career opportunities for our students. Is it the same as our in-person version? Not quite. But it's close, and we hope it convinces you that Pittsburgh is where you belong. We can't wait to see you in person!

Stop One: Introduction to Pittsburgh and CMU

Emma Liu gives you an overview of Pittsburgh, CMU and SCS at our first stop: the Gates Hillman Centers for Computer Science.

Stop Two: Academic Resources

Join Harlene Samra in the Undergraduate Administration corridor to learn more about resources for students.

Stop Three: Interdisciplinary Work and Collaboration

Sayan Chaudhry stops at the Pausch Bridge and Citadel Teaching Commons to discuss CMU's collaborative, interdisciplinary culture.

Stop Four: Departments, Majors and Minors

Join Parmita Bawankule near the mural on the fifth floor of the Gates Center to learn more about our departments and programs.

Stop Five: Teaching Assistants

Parmita moves on to the Collaborative Commons on the sixth floor of Gates to discuss undergraduate teaching assistants and their importance in SCS.

Stop Six: Research and Careers

The next tour stop is the Gates fifth floor corridor, where Emmanuel Eppinger walks you through research and career options both while you're in SCS and after you graduate.

Stop Seven: Wrap-Up

Emma joins you on the third floor of Gates in the cafe to wrap up the tour.


Thanks to SCS tourguides Emma Liu, Harlene Samra, Sayan Chaudhry, Parmita Bawankule and Emmanuel Eppinger for their efforts to make our virtual tour happen!