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Science and Engineering Course Requirements

Non-Lab Courses

02-223Personalized Medicine: Understanding Your Own Genome*9
03-121Modern Biology9
03-132Basic Science to Modern Medicine9
03-133Neurobiology of Disease9
06-100Introduction to Chemical Engineering12
09-105Introduction to Modern Chemistry I10
09-106Modern Chemistry II10
09-217Organic Chemistry I9
09-218Organic Chemistry II9
09-225Climate Change: Chemistry, Physics and Planetary Science9
12-100Exploring CEE: Infrastructure and Environment in a Changing World12
18-100Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering12
18-220Electronic Devices and Analog Circuits12
18-240Structure and Design of Digital Systems12
24-101Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering12
24-231Fluid Mechanics10
27-215Thermodynamics of Materials12
27-324Introduction to Polymer Science and Engineering9
33-114Physics of Musical Sound9
33-120Science and Science Fiction9
33-121Physics I for Science Students12
or 33-141Physics I for Engineering Students
or 33-151Matter and Interactions I
33-142Physics II for Engineering and Physics Students12
or 33-152Matter and Interactions II
33-224Stars, Galaxies and the Universe9
42-101Introduction to Biomedical Engineering12
85-219Biological Foundations of Behavior*9

Lab Courses

02-261Quantitative Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory*9
03-124Modern Biology Laboratory9
09-101Introduction to Experimental Chemistry
(This 3-unit lab together with 09-105 satisfies the lab requirement.)
09-221Laboratory I: Introduction to Chemical Analysis12
27-100Engineering the Materials of the Future12
33-104Experimental Physics9
33-228Electronics I10
42-203Biomedical Engineering Laboratory9
85-310Research Methods in Cognitive Psychology9
85-314Cognitive Neuroscience Research Methods9
* Can pair with a Biology course (03-xxx) for two courses in one department.


The following MCS and CIT courses DO NOT satisfy the Science and Engineering requirement:

03-511Computational Molecular Biology and Genomics9
03-512Computational Methods for Biological Modeling and Simulation9
06-262Mathematical Methods of Chemical Engineering12
09-103Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Change9
09-108The Illusion and Magic of Food6
09-109Kitchen Chemistry Sessions3
09-110The Design and Making of Skin and Hair Products3
09-114Basics of Food Science3
09-204Professional Communication Skills in Chemistry3
09-231Mathematical Methods for Chemists9
12-215Introduction to Professional Writing in CEE9
12-271Introduction to Computer Application in Civil & Environmental Engineering9
18-090Twisted Signals: Multimedia Processing for the Arts10
18-200ECE Sophomore Seminar1
18-202Mathematical Foundations of Electrical Engineering12
18-213Introduction to Computer Systems12
18-330Introduction to Computer Security12
18-334Network Security12
18-335Secure Software Systems12
18-345Introduction to Telecommunication Networks12
18-411Computational Techniques in Engineering12
18-441Computer Networks12
18-461Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineers12
18-462Principles and Engineering Applications of AI12
18-465Advanced Probability & Statistics for Engineers12
18-482Telecommunications Technology and Policy for the Internet Age12
18-487Introduction to Computer Security12
18-540Rapid Prototyping of Computer Systems12
19-101Introduction to Engineering and Public Policy12
19-211Ethics and Policy Issues in Computing (or 17-200)9
19-303Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains and ApplicationsVar.
19-351Applied Methods for Technology-Policy Analysis9
19-402Telecommunications Technology and Policy for the Internet Age12
19-403Policies of Wireless Systems12
19-411Science and Innovation Leadership for the 21st Century: Firms, Nations, and Tech9
27-410Computational Techniques in Engineering12
33-100Basic Experimental Physics6
33-115Physics for Future Presidents9
33-124Introduction to Astronomy9
33-232Mathematical Methods of Physics10
42-201Professional Issues in Biomedical Engineering3