Principles of Programming Group

Computer Science Department

Carnegie Mellon University

What We Do

The goal of the PoP group is to understand, develop, and demonstrate the principles, processes, and supporting technologies for the construction of computing systems.

Special areas of interest include: applications of logic (including formal semantics and type theory); techniques for designing and implementing programming languages; formal specification and verification of hardware and software systems.

A distinguishing characteristic of the PoP group is that it applies formal principles to problems of realistic scale and complexity, for example: automatic verification of large-scale commercial hardware systems; implementation of high-speed network communication software in the ML language; application of type-theoretic principles in the construction of realistic compilers.

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Computer Science Department

Umut Acar

algorithms and data structures, parallel computing, programming languages, software systems and architecture

Stephanie Balzer

programming languages, program verification, type theory, and logic

Guy Blelloch

algorithms and data structures, parallel computing, theory of computing

Stephen Brookes

theory of computing, programming languages

Iliano Cervesato

computational logic, type theory, programming languages, concurrency

Karl Crary

formal methods/verification, logic, programming languages

Matt Fredrikson


Robert Harper

programming languages

Jan Hoffmann

verification, programming languages, resource analysis, security


Dilsun Kaynar

modeling and verification, programming languages, and security


Stefan Mitsch

modeling, refactoring, collaboration, and verification methods for hybrid systems


Bryan Parno

verification, security


Frank Pfenning

programming languages, logic, security

André Platzer

control systems, cyber physical systems, formal methods/verification, game theory, logic, programming languages, robotics, security

Jean Yang

formal methods/verification, programming languages, security, computational biology

Departments of Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy

Jeremy Avigad

mathematical logic, proof theory, philosophy of mathematics, formal verification, automated reasoning

Steve Awodey

category theory, logic, philosophy of mathematics, early analytic philosophy

Richard Statman

proof theory and the theory of computation, theory of programming languages

Institute for Software Research

Jonathan Aldrich

compilers, formal methods/verification, parallel computing, programming languages, software engineering

William Scherlis

software engineering, software systems and architecture, parallel computing

Other Members

Name Position
Carlo Angiuli Graduate student
Brandon Bohrer Graduate student
Evan Cavallo Graduate student
Michael Coblenz Graduate student
Flavio Cruz Graduate student
Ankush Das Graduate student
Henry DeYoung Graduate student
Nicolas Feltman Graduate student
Nathan Fulton Graduate student
Hannah (Anna) Gommerstadt Graduate student
Travis Hance Graduate student
David Henriques Graduate student
Ran Ji Postdoc
Ryan Kavanagh Graduate student
Jonathan Laurent Graduate student
Darya Melicher Graduate student
João Martins Graduate student
Stefan Muller Graduate student
Chan Ngo Postdoc
Ram Raghunathan Graduate student
Joe Tassaroti Graduate student
Di Wang Graduate student
Erik Zawadzki Graduate student