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Authors: papers for NIPS*99 must be prepared according to the instructions provided here. Papers may be only up to seven pages long, including figures and references. Authors are required to use the style files available below. Please print out the file, read the instructions carefully, and prepare your papers accordingly. Resist temptations to redefine parameters such as \textheigt and \textwidth to give yourself more space. Stay with the required font sizes. Papers that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.

The style files have been updated for 1999. Please do not use the style files from previous years.
Latex 2.09 .sty file | Latex 2e .sty file | Latex .tex file | Postscript
Microsoft Word .rtf file

For those authors running the most recent release of Latex (Latex 2e), better results will be obtained by using the 2e style file (nips99e.sty). Authors using the older Latex 2.09 should use the 2.09 style file (nips99.sty) (no e). The .tex file we have provided uses nips99.sty.

Thanks to Leemon Baird for creating the original .rtf style file.


The conference proceedings "Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 12", edited by S. A. Solla, T. K. Leen, and K.-R. Müller will be available to all attendees in June 2000.

For additional copies write to MIT Press, Five Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142-1493, send e-mail to, or call 1-800-356-0343.

Camera-ready papers, seven pages long, are due on January 4, 2000. Contributing authors: please read carefully and follow in detail the publication instructions. One author per paper must sign and return the letter of agreement, which authorizes MIT Press to include the paper in the Proceedings.

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The pages for NIPS*94 - NIPS*96 have been temporarily removed. Please contact the webmaster if you need to access this information.

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