[2-4] Commercial Parallel Prolog Implementations

This section contains commercial parallel Prolog and logic programming

Densitron CS Prolog is a parallel prolog compiler and interpreter for
IBM PCs (MS-DOS or OS/2), T414/T800 transputer (mono or multi), 386
(Unix V), uVAX (VMS), or VAX(VMS). Also standard Prolog for MS-DOS,
UNIX and VAX. For more information, write to Densitron, Unit 4,
Aiport Trading Estate, Biggin Hill, Kent, TN16 3BW, UK, call +44 959
76331, or fax +44 959 71017.

Paralogic is a parallel implementation of the Clocksin and Mellish
Prolog. It runs on DOS-based PCs or Apple Macintoshes with the INMOS
Transputers. For more information, write to Paralogic Inc., 115
Research Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18015, call 215-861-6960, fax
215-861-8247 or email plogic@lehi3b15.csee.Lehigh.edu. It is also
distributed by Computer Systems Architects, 905 N. University Avenue,
Provo, UT 84604-3422, 800-753-4272 (801-374-2300), or fax 801-374-2306 
as n-parallel Prolog.

PARLOG is a parallel emulator from Imperial College for the Sequent
Balance, Sequent Symmetry, Encore Multimax, Alliant FX (Unix), Sun
(Unix, 1 processor). For more information, write to Imperial College,
Department of Computing, Parlog Distribution Secretary, 180 Queen's
Gate, London SW7 2BZ, UK, call +44 71 589 5111 x7537, fax +44 71 589
8024, or send email to parlog@doc.ic.ac.uk. The single processor
versions of PARLOG for the Sun-3 and Sun-4 are now available free of
charge.  Please refer to the entry regarding IC-Prolog II in this
Resource Guide. Parallel Logic Programming produces PC-PARLOG and
MacPARLOG for the IBM PC and Macintosh computers.  For more
information contact Parallel Logic Programming Ltd., PO Box 49,
Twickenham, Middlesex TW2 5PH, UK or call +44 454 201 652.

Strand-88 is a parallel emulator for Sun3, Sun4, Sparc BBN Butterfly,
GPT2000, Cogent Multimax, Intel iPSC/2, iPSC/860, MIPS RiscStation,
Sequent Symmetry Balance (Unix System V or Mach, Helios) and
communication component from CSTools, Express in some cases. Also
Transputer systems PC hosted systems from Paracom, Telmat and others,
Unix hosted systems from Meiko, Paracom, Telmat and others, Apple
Macintosh, Atari ATW, and NeXT. Price dependent on configuration and
scale of target machine. For more information, write to Strand
Software Technologies Ltd., Ver House, London Rd, Markyate, Herts AL3
8JP, UK, call +44 582 842424, fax +44 582 840282, or send email to

SICS Aurora and Echo. See SICStus Prolog above.
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