[2-9] Other Commercial Prolog Products

ClauseDB is a database manager for Prolog data.  Advanced
knowledge-based applications often need to use a large number of
highly complex data objects. The objects are so complex that they
cannot be managed in a standard commercial RDB product, and the number
of them makes it impractical to store them in the standard Prolog
in-memory database. ClauseDB may also be useful even in Prolog
applications whose data can be handled in a RDB. The retrieval
procedure of ClauseDB is integrated in the Prolog search method. This
avoids the performance problems that arise with the standard scheme
for coupling Prolog with a RDBM (e.g., those caused by the well-known
mismatch problem between tuple- and set-based retrieval methods).
ClauseDB supports all the normal Prolog data objects (arbitrary terms
and clauses) and provides a locking mechanism that allows the sharing
of data while ensuring its integrity. ClauseDB 2.0 is available on
SUN SPARC (SunOS 4.x and 5.x) and the INTEL PC running Solaris 2.x.
For more information write to BIM sa/nv, ProLog by BIM dept.,
Kwikstraat 4, B - 3078 Everberg, Belgium, call ++32 2 759 59 25, fax
to +32 2 725 47 83 or e-mail to prolog@sunbim.be.
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