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;;; ****************************************************************
;;; Prolog Resource Guide ******************************************
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;;; prg_2.faq

This is part two of the Prolog Resource Guide. This part lists
available Prolog, logic programming, and constraint system
implementations, both free and commercial.

Send suggestions and comments to:

Prolog Implementations (Part 2):
  [2-0]  General information about Prolog Implementations

  [2-1]  Free Prolog Implementations
  [2-2]  Commercial Prolog Implementations

  [2-3]  Free Parallel Prolog Implementations
  [2-4]  Commercial Parallel Prolog Implementations

  [2-5]  Free Constraint Systems
  [2-6]  Commercial Constraint Systems

  [2-7]  Free Logic Programming Systems
  [2-8]  Commercial Logic Programming Systems

  [2-9]  Other Commercial Prolog Products

  [2-10] Prolog extensions, meta-interpreters, and pre-processors

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