[1-8] The Prolog 1000 Database

The Prolog 1000 is a database of real Prolog applications being
assembled in conjunction with the Association for Logic Programming
(ALP) and PVG. The aim is to demonstrate how Prolog is being used in
the real world and it already contains over 500 programs with a total
of well over 2 million lines of code. The database is available for
research use in SGML format from the Imperial College archive
If you have or know about a program that might qualify for inclusion,
send an email message to Al Roth (alroth@cix.compulink.co.uk) for an
electronic entry form which only takes a few minutes to complete. Or
write to Prolog 1000, PO Box 137, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY2 0XY,
U.K., Fax: +44 253 53811 Telephone: +44 253 58081. (Floppy disks for
PC or Mac in text form are also welcome, and paper entries may also be
sent). Queries may also be addressed to: Chris Moss
(cdsm@doc.ic.ac.uk), Leon Sterling (leon@alpha.ces.cwru.edu).
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